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YouTube is one of the fastest growing video platforms on the Internet today, with about 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute! Therefore, it comes as no surprise that more and more artists flock to YouTube to upload their work for the best possible media exposure you can get for free. However, sometimes we want to download the videos as well, which is why we need to learn how to download from YouTube.

There are many reasons why users might want to download video from YouTube. By downloading, they can access them on an offline device whenever they want. Furthermore, they can use them to create reviews, record reaction videos, and compilations of funny videos. They can even download music from YouTube, which is a lot easier than searching for CDs and MP3 downloads online.

As of yet, there is no real 'official' way of downloading a YouTube video, but there are actually a lot of options for both less or more tech-savvy users. They are all very user-friendly and convenient, as the downloading is fast and secure. What’s more, it’s completely legal, as none of the content is actually hosted on the website. The downloading goes directly via YouTube.

How to download a YouTube video using a website

By just googling "download video from youtube", you will get many results, but not all of them are great. ConvertPanda however is one of the most powerful video downloaders currently available on the market.

To use ConvertPanda - simply copy your YouTube video link into the box and click "Download."  The video should start downloading immediately - it's really that simple.

How to download a YouTube video using a browser extension

There are quite a few browser extensions you can use to download from YouTube to your device. Here we will focus on the extensions that are available for the two most commonly used browsers, apart from Google Chrome.

Unfortunately, Chrome no longer supports downloading videos from YouTube using extensions. Thus, you'll have to use Opera or Firefox.

Choose one of these extensions:

Opera - FVD Video Downloader

Firefox - Video DownloadHelper

Simply install the extension you want. A new button will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. Go to the YouTube video you wish to download, click on the new button, choose your options and start downloading!

How to download a YouTube video using a software downloader

If you're looking for another way to download from YouTube, know that you also do it with a third-party app. Our personal favorite YouTube downloader is Free YouTube Download by DVDVideoSoft, which is a part of their Free Studio ensemble. It's available for both Windows and Macintosh.

Simply install the app, then navigate to a YouTube video and copy its link. Click on the 'Paste' button and then on the 'Download' button. Your download should start right away.

And that’s it  - now you enjoy your YouTube videos for as long as you want!

All in all, downloading the videos via website - is probably the most convenient, fast and requires the least hassle.