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Nowadays, if you say “social network” and “online photos,” people instantly think of Instagram. It started off as a regular social network, but it quickly became one of the most popular websites on the internet.

Almost everyone uses Instagram today. It’s the best way to share your photos with friends, colleagues, relatives, and the rest of the world too. What’s more, the platform is also very simple to use.

But, even though Instagram is a synonym for online photography, people can share videos too. Instagram videos are very popular, and the average user has at least 10 videos on his profile. Furthermore, you can even download videos from Instagram. You only need a proper Instagram downloader.

“Download video from Instagram” is one of the most commonly searched keywords on Google. But, many people are still afraid to download Instagram videos nonetheless. Even though it is commonly believed that downloading is an illegal act, the truth is quite the opposite. It’s completely legal, and thousands of people do it every day.

It’s very easy to download video from Instagram. In general, you should use online video converters to download Instagram videos. However, even if you choose third-party software, you won’t make a mistake. Both methods are equally effective.

ConvertPanda can Download from Insta

 It’s one of the best Instagram downloaders on the internet - and there is a good reason for that. ConvertPanda supports many different online platforms such as Soundcloud, Facebook, Vimeo, and 9gag (among many others). So, it’s a perfectly viable option even if you want to download videos from other websites.  Also, you can convert files from one format to another. You don’t need to choose another software to do that as you can do it directly on the website as well.

In our opinion, ConvertPanda is the best solution if  you want to download video from Instagram. Not only is it fast, effective and easy to use, but it also has everything a perfect downloader needs. Thus, don't hesitate - show your support and start downloading via ConvertPanda now.